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  A webapplication is a type of client/server application, which means that the functions of the application are split between a client computer and a server computer. The client and server computers are connected to one another via the Internet, and they communicate with each other using HTTP(Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

  • To access a web application, you use a web browser that runs on a client computer
  • The web application itself is stored on the server computer. This computer runs web server software that enables it to send web pages to web browsers.

Popular  web servers

  1. Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (or IIS) for ASP.NET
  2. Apache HTTP Server.


  • The web applications work with data that’s stored in a database, most server computers also run a database management system (or DBMS).
  • The DBMS provides access to information stored in a database. To improve performance on larger applications, the DBMS can be run on a separate server computer.

Popular database management systems for ASP.NET development

  1.  Microsoft SQL Server
  2.  Oracle.


The user interface for a web application is implemented as a series of web pages that are displayed in the web browser. Each web page is defined by a web form using HTML, or Hypertext Mark up Language, which is a standardized set of mark up tags.

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