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  • Nefsis is the latest video conferencing online service designed for virtual work-spaces and business-to-business online meetings.
  • Nefsis is easy to use, takes advantage of PCs and networks you already have, and represents a realistic, immediately available option to reduce your carbon footprint starting right this moment.
  •  Nefsis dramatically simplifies what used to be a complicated process – video conferencing. Today, even an ordinary webcam on any Pentium PC produces video quality on par with boardroom equipment sold a few years ago.
  • A Logitech 9000 plug-and-play USB webcam produces stunning, full-screen video using nominal bandwidth.
  • The Nefsis server cloud can easily connect multiple employees and business users in the same meeting, even if they are in separate offices (behind separate firewalls and proxies).

Note:No  need of hardware or software installation for Nefsis free trial

Green Technology & Realistic Carbon Footprint Reduction

  •  On-demand video conferencing can reach virtually any business desktop worldwide. It is one of the few, realistic, green technologies available to businesses of all sizes, and it’s available now.
  • For example, by using Nefsis you and all your employees could telecommute one day per week.
  •  This alone would be a huge reduction in burning fuel, and employee cost-of-living relief. Another good example is cutting repeat travel to recurring meetings. This too is a realistic, immediately available greenhouse gas reduction technique.


  1. Windows 2000, XP or later; for premium visual experience, Windows Vista & 7 are preferred
  2. Pentium 4 or newer
  3. 512MB RAM available
  4. Broadband Internet access (DSL, Cable Modem, T1, etc.)
  5. DirectShow 8.1 or later compatible webcam or video input (optional, to send video)
  6. DirectSound compatible audio input (optional, to send voice), and headset or speakers
  7. Microsoft® PowerPoint® 97 or later versions.

No proprietary hardware required.

Automatic CPU & Bandwidth Adjustment

  •  Nefsis uses industry standard web browsers and Internet connections that traverse firewalls and proxies for business users.
  •  Nefsis is also bandwidth and video peripheral agnostic. It allows you to use any connection type, without special routing requirements, and almost any Windows compatible video source.
  •  The quality and speed of your online meeting experience will be governed by the features you use, your PC and video hardware, and the bandwidth available to you in real-time.

NefsisFree trial

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