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“A piece of software which performs a given task using information gleaned from its environment to act in a suitable manner so as to complete the task successfully. The software should be able to adapt itself based on changes occurring in its environment, so that a change in circumstances will still yield the intended result.”

“An agent is a software thing that knows how to do things that you could probably do yourself if you had the time.”

                                                Ted Selker of the IBM Almaden Research Centre


Intelligent software agents are a popular research object these days in such fields as psychology,  sociology and computer science. Agents are most intensely studied in the discipline of Artificial  Intelligence (AI)

Recent Applications:

The current applications of agents are of a rather experimental and ad hoc nature. Besides universities and research centres a considerable number of companies, like  IBM and  Microsoft, are doing research in the area of agents. To make sure their research projects will receive further financing, many researchers & developers of such companies (but this is also applicable on other parties, even non-commercial ones) are nowadays focusing on rather basic agent applications, as these lead to demonstrable results within a definite time.

Examples of this kind of agent applications are:

  •  Agents who partially or fully handle someone’s e-mail.
  •  Agents who filter and/or search through (Usenet) news articles looking for information that may be interesting for a user.
  • Agents that make arrangements for gatherings such as a meeting, for instance by means of lists provided by the persons attending or based on the information (appointments) in the electronic agenda of every single participant.

 Future Areas of Application:

  1. Systems and Network Management
  2. Mobile Access / Management
  3.  Mail and Messaging
  4. Information Access and Management
  5. Collaboration
  6. Workflow and Administrative Management
  7. Electronic Commerce
  8.  Adaptive User Interfaces
Search Engine Application:
  • Agents are capable of searching information  more intelligently, for instance because tools  (such as a thesaurus) enable them to search on  related terms as well, or even on concepts. Agents will also use these tools to fine-tune, or  even correct user queries (on the basis of a  user model, or other user information).
  • Individual user agents can create their own  knowledge base about available information sources on the Internet, which is updated and expanded after every search. When information (i.e. documents) have moved to  another location, agents will be able to find them, and update their knowledge base  accordingly.
  • Furthermore, in the future agents will be able to  communicate and co-operate with other agents This will enable them to perform tasks, such as  information searches, quicker and more  efficient, reducing network traffic. They will  also be able to perform tasks (e.g. searches)  directly at the source/service, leading to a  further decrease of network traffic

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