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CX- Cloud eXperience

Posted on: May 10, 2011

CX software an cloud computing application for online storage,s haring, synchronizing ,back up ,accessing the documents in mobile and computers .

Supportable platforms:

  1. Windows upto 10GB online storage
  2. Mac os x
  3. Android 2.1
  4. Iphone ios 3.2 or higher version
  5. Blackberry platform 5 and higher platform


1.Anywhere Access

  • Any time, anywhere access to your most important files, media, and contacts via the web or your mobile device
  • Securely access your files from any internet-enabled device anywhere in the world

2.Realtime Synchronization

  • Automatically synchronizes new, changed, or deleted files to all connected computers and devices
  • Offline changes are synchronized as soon as you reconnect
  • Maintains a history as you make changes and resolves any conflicts so that you never lose your work

3.Realtime Backup

  • Since your data is synchronized with the cloud in realtime, all your CX files are always backed up
  • Easily recover lost data in case of a system crash or hardware failure
  • Failed, damaged, or lost hardware? With CX it means you never lose your important stuff.

4.Group Sharing

  • Connect groups with Group Clouds. With CX, this will allow you to share a single set of synchronized files with many other people in your group
  • Automatically manages versions between people working on the same files so you’ll know who did what and never lose your work

5.Security And Privacy

  • All your data transfers are encrypted via 2048-bit SSL connections
  • Locally stored data is broken into pieces and encrypted so that they cannot be reassembled or read directly from the disk without your login information
  • The CX Cloud is run from a secure, redundant, PCI-compliant data storage center
  • CX employees and programmers cannot view your files or any of your data

visit link for more details: https://www.cx.com/

CX Is An Easy To Use And Safe Document Management And Storage Service That Ties All our Devices Together And Keeps All our Digital Stuff At our Fingertips.


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